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  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Statement
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  • Medical School Transcripts
  • ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)
  • Green Card Status (if applicable)
  • USMLE Scores (M.D.’s)
  • COMLEX Scores (D.O.’s)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Visa Requirements: Currently the Division of Nephrology Accepts H1B and J1 Visas

Nephrology SOAP Application Secrets

soap applicationWhat Is a SOAP Application

You apply for a place on a medical residency or nephrology fellowship through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). This is part of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and they have links with almost all of the different nephrology fellowship programs that are offered enabling you to make all of your applications from the one portal. This is the system that you will use to upload all of the required documentation that the programs will want to see and also to search and apply for the programs that are available.

Allocation of places, however, is generally done through the Match which is formally known as the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). This allows you to specify your preference as to which of the programs that you have applied to you would most like to attend and for each program to provide a list of preferences with regards to the applicants that they have received. The Match will then compare these lists to try to fill those places during what is Known as Match Week.

However, if you have not Matched during this week you will be able to use what is known as SOAP (Supplementary Offer and Acceptance Program) to apply to program places that have not been filled.

Requirements for Using the SOAP and NRMP Systems

Before you can apply to the NRMP you must first register to and upload your documentation within the ERAS system. Starting in May you are able to get your ERAS token from your Dean’s office which will allow you to register your AAMC MyERAS account. Once you have this account you can start to upload all of the documentation that is required for your applications. The following are the documents that you will need to create or upload into your MyERAS account:

  • Complete the MyERAS application form; this contains a lot of information that would normally be found within your resume.
  • Have the Dean’s office upload your medical school transcripts and MSPE (Medical Student Performance Report.)
  • Authorize the upload of your USMLE transcripts (United States Medical Licensing Examination)
  • List your authors for Letters of Recommendation (LoR). Once listed you will be provided with a personalized request for each which will enable to directly attach their LoR.
  • ECFMG status (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) for applicants from overseas.
  • PTAL (Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter) for applicants to programs within California.

Once you have completed your upload and confirmed your application you may then start to search and apply to programs through your MyERAS portal. Once you have done this you are eligible to sign up for the Match in September. Once you have registered you must then input your NRMP ID into your MyERAS account to link the two systems together. Eligibility for SOAP is granted automatically as long as you are registered to the Match and will be available for “work” from the following July.

NRMP and SOAP Process

SOAP and the NRMP work in tandem and the following process will be in place:

  • September; you can sign up for the Match, however if you sign up after Nov 30th you will be charged an additional $50 for late registration.
  • Mid January you can begin to enter your Rank Order Listing which will enable you to list your preferences for the programs that you have applied to through ERAS. Programs will develop a similar list ranking applicants for their program.
  • Match Week (Mid March):
    • Friday before Match Week; Those eligible for SOAP will receive an email informing them of their eligibility and other details of the program. Being eligible does not mean that you have not been matched.
  • Monday:
    • NRMP Match; The Match rounds will start, after each round if you have been matched you will have 2 hours to either accept or to reject the Match that you have been offered. It is Possible to be offered multiple places through a single round.
    • SOAP; If you have not been matched in the initial rounds you will be informed at 11Am and provided access to the list of unmatched program places. You can start to apply to these places from 3PM that day.
  • Tuesday:
    • NRMP Match rounds continue
  • Wednesday
    • NRMP Match rounds continue
    • SOAP Initial rounds are run at 12PM and 3PM in the same fashion as the standard Match rounds. You have just 2 hours after each round to accept or reject any matches that are made.
  • Thursday
    • NRMP Match concludes by 12PM and all Matches are notified
    • SOAP rounds are run at 9AM, 12PM and 3PM with SOAP finally closing at 5PM

soap application example

We Can Help with Your Application of SOAP

Applying to a position through ERAS, NRMP and SOAP can be confusing as well as a huge amount of hard work. Our specialized services can help you be providing expert help with all aspects of your application from writing and editing of initial application documents for ERAS through to coaching you through the SOAP process.

No matter what help you need our help is always provided through experts that hold higher level degree and have many years of experience in this process.

With a full satisfaction money back guarantee you can order help with your SOAP application through us with confidence!